Board Members and Staff

Dymin Dyer

Administrative Assistant, Logistics Coordinator

You know…. after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, the excitement settles and most people return to whatever they were doing before the holiday season kicked in – with, of course, some New Year resolutions that tend to be forgotten after a few months. Not at Unity of Delray Beach.

Unity Truth students participate in special services such as the Burning Bowl and White Stone ceremonies and, my favorite 12-week program, 4T (Tithing of Your Time Talents and Treasures) by Stretton Smith. This program is designed to help you develop a lifestyle of great prosperity – family, finances, relationships, employment, etc.

For 12 weeks out of every year, since 2005, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest, like-minded people, some of them new Truth students, who aspire to get more out of life. It is totally amazing to watch the changes that occur during those 12 weeks.

Strong points I get from the 4T program:
Control your thoughts. Prepare for the life you desire to live and enjoy the journey. Your body is God’s real temple. Whatever you are experiencing in your life right now is what you created with your thoughts and emotions. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Believe in yourself. Listen to the still, small voice that guides you to your greatness. Lower the screen of anxiety to manifest your greater good. Forgive, forgive, forgive yourself and others for all condemnation perceived. Life is a buffet. You must get up and go to the table to choose what you want. It is the only way to a prosperous life.
4T has led me to study even more of these teachings.

I have written all this just to say that I am presently living and experiencing these teachings – in service to others through music, dance, and being on staff at Unity of Delray Beach.

My desire was to be able to find a position as an administrative assistant that would fit, time-wise, into my busy music career where I am a singer, songwriter, entertainer and producer.

My administrative experience has included positions as the office assistant, Whitehall South Condo Association, Inc., Boca Raton; administrative assistant to the employment manager, Darden Restaurants, Orlando; administrative assistant to CEO office and HR specialist, Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, Poughkeepsie, NY; administrative assistant, publisher’s office, People Magazine, New York, NY; administrative assistant to director of national equipment service, Girl Scouts USA, New York, NY and administrative assistant to the editor, Academic Press, New York, NY

I had this idea that while looking for a job I could tithe my time and talents in the church office at my church, Unity of Delray Beach. I started out as an usher/greeter. I saw Ms. Laurie, the church’s administrative director, in Dunkin’ Donuts one day and said, “Ms. Laurie I am very talented in the office/clerical department. Don’t forget you can use my talents anytime.” Ms. Laurie later called and offered me half days on Thursdays as a volunteer in the church office. Then I was offered all day Wednesdays; and later a staff position as an administrative assistant in the church office.

I’ve arrived! I have found the perfect position! I love tithing my time, talents and treasures at Unity of Delray Beach – where I get most of my spiritual nourishment. I am prosperous beyond my wildest dreams!

Dymin Dyer